By Ken MacDonald with Illustrations by Sam Guay

The Pellet Stove Almanack

Home Heating Joins the 21st Century

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Pellet Stoves from a Consumer's Standpoint

The Pellet Stove Almanack is the first - and only - book on the market to explore all aspects of purchasing and owning a wood pellet stove from the consumer’s point of view. The book describes the savings, comfort, environmental benefits, convenience, and safety inherent in these amazing stoves. Pellet stoves offer stark contrast to outmoded conventional heating systems - found in most homes - which are based on technology perfected just after the Civil War. A truly modern heat source can dramatically increase the comfort level of your home, while offering equally dramatic cost savings to you as a homeowner.

Other subjects covered in the Almanack include storage requirements, cleaning, and maintenance, sizing your stove, pellet types, home layout, troubleshooting, safety, day to day operations, and advanced budget calculations. While we're obviously "sold" on pellet stoves, the total experience of owning one is described here to help decide whether a stove is a good fit for your lifestyle, home, and family.

A special section is devoted to wood-stove owners who are considering switching to pellets, and shows how most wood-stove owners will be able to save money on heating costs year-to-year after converting to pellets, even if they have their own source of “free” firewood!

The Pellet Stove Almanack is your essential guide if you are considering purchasing a wood pellet stove, or just want to understand the technology that makes these stoves stand head and shoulders above other heating systems. 146 pages of information you won't find anywhere else!

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Praise from Reviewers

"I know first-hand that homeowners are often confused about the benefits and cost savings associated with these stoves. Until now, there were few resources to help homeowners choose a stove for their home. Ken lends a level of clarity to this process unlike any other. Not only is The Pellet Stove Almanack enjoyable to read, homeowners looking to add a pellet stove to their home will gain a roadmap to their perfect stove purchase."

Karen Harman-Smeltz
Harman Stoves (Hearth & Home Technologies)
Halifax, PA

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